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Pro-life & Pro-choice Debates
11 months ago no Comment

Have you been on Tik Tok in the last two years? In 2020 when we were locked down due to the lab created virus intended to lessen the population, a lot of people chose to join and create videos. It was a wonderful app for a time until the radical left tried to take over the app pushing […]

Elite Deceit (Hegelian Dialect)
12 months ago no Comment

I intended for this page (I am talking about one of my Facebook pages) to be sort of a blog spot quite a few years ago but these days you cannot say what you want or state the obvious because the truth is a lie and lies are “said” to be truth. I feel that using this as […]

The Unhappy Turtle
2 years ago no Comment

The turtle was upset with his friend last night just due to a misunderstanding. If we have a misunderstanding about someone, we should speak to the other person straight away. This will solve the issue and it’s what good friends do. What happened last night and whom was the turtle upset with? Read the interesting story from here […]

No Label Project: Things That Are Offensive
2 years ago no Comment

The idea of a No Label Project is for humans to simply be themselves. You see, the more labels you accept to describe yourself, the more divided we become. You differentiate yourself from the whole. You may not see this but I do and so do others. Every time you call another person black, white, gay, old, short, […]

Recommend Books
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If you have books to recommend, can you please post them here? Thank you. The books can be physical or digital.

No Label Project (NLP)
2 years ago no Comment

This is where we can discuss the reality of becoming a no label planet. We are here to experience life, hopefully to the fullest. This does not include identifying as a label. We are humans and we come in all colors, shapes and sizes. We have different opinions and this is fine. We agree with some and do […]