The Shadow State (NEW)



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Erasing History: A Failed Agenda


In 2020, we saw the removal and destruction of America’s monuments after the murder of George Floyd by the knee of an unstable lunatic police officer. This murder, this event, whether planned or not should be remembered as a foundation to do better. The monuments that were destroyed and removed should sit in a museum as a reminder of what they meant and how certain Americans held absolutely no value for human life simply because of the color of skin.

Once the monuments were removed, history was erased and no further blame can be attached to the radicals causing such a negative history. Why is this important? These radicals have for millennia enslaved and murdered humans as if humans have absolutely no value unless the humans are bettering the lives of these radicals.

I feel the things taught to human children in school is useless and negative because the dates of wars and other such negativity is a reflection of the radicals need to keep fear which results in a low vibration / frequency on this planet (Gaia). Regardless of my opinion to let go of the war lessons the monuments should not have been destroyed regardless of their negative meaning because the monuments are proof in matter where wars we can only hear about. The monuments should not have been celebrated; however, they should have been housed in a museum.

You see, the same radicals creating civil and worldwide wars are the same radicals that divided humanity by race, color, religion and social class. Without division there would be no need for war. Without division the population would be staggering at this point. Without division the great awakening can be so much easier than it is now. What these radicals fear is the great awakening because when the rest of humanity wakes up, the matrix will dissolve. The matrix in which we live is falling apart now and the radials are holding on as long as they can.

So, if I can get you to follow along and say what if, not follow the mainstream news and insist that what you hear on the news is true; but instead, think what if. We will keep it hypothetical. What if we are not the only species inhabiting the planet or what if we are but there is a shadow state ruling over the deep state. This species or shadow state have a stake in war, destroying history, funding Hitler, dividing humans into races, adding toxins to food, owning billions of acres, and so forth.

If you believe in the Bible, do not believe what you read as the Bible was stolen from the masses, burned and then edited. For one-thousand years humans were not allowed to own a Bible without consequence. The Bible was read to them instead because then the storyteller could teach what he wanted. Indoctrination away from truth and hiding information that humanity needed. The same was done at the time of slavery when African Americans were not taught to read and Bibles were read to them.

You will always find aware, awakened and enlightened people on this planet such as Jesus who was murdered, witches burned at the stake and “woke” entertainers. These people hold truths and the swamp creatures do NOT want the truth out or humans will unite. If you are wondering why I call them swamp creatures, well, I will explain at another time. They call the politicians the swamp and I have always called them the swamp creatures because of what lives in our swamps. I think it caught on recently. I hear people using the term pretty often.

This shadow state that other refer to as the deep state are the swamp creatures, the ruling class of the deep state. They have a hand in everything negative. Let us begin with slavery.

Fighting for slavery

Trampling Over the First Amendment

“Former Democrats-turned-Republicans weren’t disgusted simply by the imposition of “popular sovereignty” in territory that should, by their estimation, have been free. They also watched as their former party perverted the very idea of free elections and democratic process.” Further, “In the Kansas territory,“border ruffians,” led by Missouri’s Democratic senator, David Atchison, moved in and out of Kansas with impunity—stuffing ballot boxes, visiting violence on free state settlers and attempting to tilt the scales in favor of slavery.” Atchison declared “You know how to protect your own interests.” Your rifles will free you from such neighbors. … You will go there, if necessary, with the bayonet and with blood.” “If we win,” he promised, “we can carry slavery to the Pacific Ocean.” Lastly, Politico states, “Although antislavery voters probably made up a healthy majority of the population, the slave forces stole a series of territorial elections, leading the Free Soilers to establish a shadow government in Lawrence, Kansas.”

Politico further states, “In the course of defecting to the new Republican Party, many former Democrats came to look back with disgust on the ways by which Southern Democrats had enforced rigid, doctrinaire support for slavery for decades.” Further, “Starting in the 1830s, when Congress instituted a “gag rule” barring debate or discussion of the peculiar institution, the Democratic majority blithely tramped over the First Amendment rights of white Northern congressmen in the defense of chattel slavery.”

Why did I mention this? Today we hear arguments that the Democratic party has not changed. Apparently they have not. People left the party them because they are radical and people have left the party in recent years. The Walk Away movement for instance. I do not know much about the movement but the title says enough. If the party has not changed there must be a reason. This party believes they have to stay in charge no matter what they do to others. They are the radical I speak of, the other species or shadow state if you will.

While the article cited above discusses Republican never Trumpers and that they have a choice to become Democrats, my focus if not which party to become affiliated with. The ideologies of both parties whether center-right or left, I can handle. Extremism; however, I cannot handle and is something taking over America from the far-left, the radicals I speak of. Are there Republicans part of the shadow state, yes, absolutely. The swamp is basically two sides of the same coin and it has to be this way if the shadow state wants to remain in control. The democrats supporting the extreme radical far-left think they are supporting a centered political party but they are not.

They are following a species that need to survive on this planet as we all do. In order for a species to survive they have to have their needs met. If this species or shadow state have needs that differ from the needs of humans, secrets, slavery and all of the same negative events will continue to take place.

More to come on January 29 2021