No Label Project: Things That Are Offensive

The idea of a No Label Project is for humans to simply be themselves. You see, the more labels you accept to describe yourself, the more divided we become. You differentiate yourself from the whole. You may not see this but I do and so do others. Every time you call another person black, white, gay, old, short, right, left, conservative, liberal, progressive, Jewish, Catholic, poor, and the list gores on, YOU are being racist, discriminative, xenophobic and cause people to feel different. This is the cause of division. YOU are dividing humanity.

Things That Are Offensive

    1. Telling me that I should dislike Germans because of what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany. I was not in Nazi Germany or the surrounding countries. My grandparents come from Russia (Ukraine) and Poland and were able to escape in time to America. Do NOT tell me to hate people who had no part of what happened and do not make me feel oppressed because I will never succumb to oppression because you think I should. STOP TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL BAD, it is negative. It does nothing, it helps nothing, it separates us and is the OPPOSITE of unity. I do not need you to make me feel less than by trying to raise my people group. Get out of the past.
    2. Telling the label “white” people to apologize for racism and slavery against the label “black” people when they were not part of of either. Definitely, if you have been racist, you should apologize to those you were racist against but an entire people group apologizing to another people group for something they never did is insanity. You are creating more separation and asking one group of people to feel down. Tis is not right. You are playing into the LABEL GAME! Stop!
    3. Telling people how to think is very offensive.
    4. Equally offensive is telling people what they can or cannot say
    5. Do not tell people how to feel. Worry about how you feel. We all have paths to walk and I am the pilot of my journey and you the pilot of yours. Navigate your own journey.
    6. Why is there such things as civil right’s movements? Well, because we are divided by labels and think we have to defend these labels when in reality, we have to stop accepting them. We are not labels. Drop your labels and do NOT let anyone define you. The more we define, the more we feel a need to defend.


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