It Seems You Believe Leaders All Have a Special Give an Eff About Humanity Gene.

The level of trust that people have in others depends on the position the people hold in the population. So we are talking parents, children, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. A little further out we have friends, neighbors, communities, cities and states. On an even larger scale we have nations (countries), continents and on the largest scale we have the planet.

Before you ask if this is a kindergarten social studies lesson, no, absolutely not. Although I do think at times that many of you need one just to go back and remember when you were being taught about people groups and regions. Why? When we were younger we had to grasp on to new concepts and although we were not yet aware of how things worked in populations and what it meant for populations to live in certain regions, we had an awww factor when we were taught that a family grows into larger groups such as communities and so forth. We were too young to realize how it all works though.

Today as adults, through experience we learn who to trust. We typically trust everyone in western civilization until we are either told not to or we have a bad experience with a person or a group. This is definitely a problem when you look at this through the eyes of people in other countries who embrace different political ideologies. People in America believe they live in a free country because they are told that. Compared to other countries that embrace communism, fascism, totalitarianism, whatever you want to call dictatorship, we are pretty free. We are not as free as we should be though or as we are made to believe.

Now, based on our freedoms and our belief that we choose a leader to run our country, we typically trust that our leaders will not hurt us. We believe they are looking out for our best interests. In other countries, it is not quite the same. They are used to being told what to do, they have fewer freedoms than America and less trust in the person who holds all of the power. They even know when our “free country is changing as you can see in the videos below

IMBD Scandal: Former Malaysian Prime Minister Convicted.

The larger the population with a dictator, the more generic approach will be taken when governing its people. It is like a one size fits all because the population is too large to govern in a way the humans deserve. One person should NEVER rule a nation. This is unfair to its people. We are not all the same when it comes to personalities, opinions, and so forth so we cannot be expected to live in a generic state throughout our lives. Any leader him’herself who does not see this and make a change for their citizens are power-hungry and without compassion and empathy.

One leader is unable to help people on an individual basis. We have a breakdown in government for each state in America and that still does not work. There is no personalization for anything. Even the criminal justice system is generic with a one size fits all punishment system, unless you are a minority, then it is worse. Thanks to Biden for your idea of mass incarceration, it was a bad one and made our justice system in need of more reform.

A dictator has more than his share of people to be responsible for and less people to be accountable to. Check out these leaders who faced justice. The time has come to ensure they are caught before they commit crimes against humanity and other crimes such as embezzlement and bribery which is considered a moral disgrace. These are leaders who faced justice between 1945 and 2020.

You must know that if we were capable of governing ourselves without leaders, we would stand up and let them know. the problem is, I don’t think that humanity is capable of that at this time. Should humanity be capable of living life without leaders? Of course but it is difficult to know if we have evolved long enough to see at this time because we had bad training from the powers that be that keeps humans in a state of dividing and competing.

As the leaders model competition and insulting each other every four years, humans sit and watch these battles and learn that in order to be in charge, you must be competitive and verbally beat down your opponent. We believe that we have a choice in electing a leader but that is simply just a game. You have a choice between left and right, blue or red, democrat or republican, liberal VS conservative. Both are extensions of the elite’s (the cabal) rule and therefore, they resemble the liberal and conservative sides of the cabal. Let me find a video that may help you see the truth. So many other people see it but we have a nation of sheep. One sec…

I would love to be happy for all of these wealthy people that own most of the planet’s property but they are actually taking from humanity the possibility to all have land, grow our own food and plant trees that will sustain families and their future generations. This is how we go about creating a new and sustainable world, not by implementing a new world order where these same people who screwed up the planet (not likely the first) get to tell everyone else what to do when the results of their many millennium’s governances is a mess!

So, here we have a choice to make this November 2020. I would typically say will you choose the left’s narrative or the right’s narrative which both equal 2 perspectives of the cabal. This time I ask, will you choose the left’s narrative of hiding the evil going on in the background that they are a part of or simply ignore or will you choose Trump who has outed the evil goings on? What is so evil you ask?

The beginning of the video is OK if you want to hear random things. At 22 to 23 minutes is where you will hear the information I have been talking about and you shoot me down every time (just the sleeping people and the sheep)

The narrator sees evil going on but uses a documentary that she watched and Qanon as her basis for a connection for her judgment. She is a little too religious for me (I am spiritual) as I know that the Bible was edited so it is hard to preach the words from it unless you know which words are true. Also, she makes it sound like all witches are evil. There are spiritual witches who are good witches and there are evil witches as like all else.

I am one who knows a lot of this is true because I saw these things as a child. The fun part is for everyone to find the connections (not really fun). Of course, if this is all true about Trump VS the cabal then this man is fighting a huge battle pretty much alone. Does he have supporters, yes? More important is that he has support for his goals to tear this circus down which appears to be Q. The problem is that many people say conspiracy theory, tin foil hat. Conspiracy theorists are, as my daughter said, ok. She said that doesn’t mean the theory is wrong. She is correct in saying because many conspiracy theories were found to be true therefore, they were actual conspiracies. You should thank people who delve into these types of theories, it benefits society and can save lives. At this point in time, these theories can save humanity so quit griping at conspiracy theorists and sit back and wait and see if they are true or not. It is that simple.

People do not waste their time talking about conspiracy theories for nothing. Some believe them and some do not, while others are not sure, like this guy.

Conspiracy theories are not for everyone to solve, that is why their are theorists who investigate the conspiracies just like a scientist does. Most people just shake things off as the strangest or dumbest things they ever heard. A theorist would have instant ideas about the single gloves in the above video like does Michael Jackson come to mind. Jackson said he was abused and they say he was a pedophile. Maybe the color of the glove is the hint, pink glove girl black glove person of color. We have no idea but that message showing up on the deep web? Things that make you go hmmm. Didn’t Trump say before he was elected that he will get these people?

Pizzagate mentioned in 2011



2019 video discussing Trump and Epstein in the 90s. Was Trump a playboy, sure.Does that mean he was a pedo? Epstein was a rich pedo in the circle of other rich people but does that mean all of the people in the circle were pedos?

This is recent

We have been warning you about this virus and the unnecessary lock down of healthy people. We believe the vaccine will be nothing but poison and mandatory at that. A mandatory vaccine that has hardly had enough clinic trials. The FDA better hope they do not approve the vaccine or any other supposed medical leaders if they don’t want to have a lawsuit on their hands because people are not happy at this time. You suddenly ban hydroxychloroquine that is FDA approved and used for 65 years that doctors are saying help covid patients and then ban it but they will approve a vaccine that has not had years of randomized clinical trials? Hmmm

Again, when people say the virus is a hoax, most only mean that it was man-made and that it is made out to kill more people than any other virus. Only fools believe the virus itself it an actual hoax. the virus is very real and contagious and for some it is nothing, for others, more sever and yet for others, a death sentence. It certainly should not required a lock down and shut down of the world. Of course in the eyes of the elite who play the same game time and again a lock down was needed in order to shut down the economy in order to cause a depression like the depression of 1929, then people have to rely on the governments, eat when they are told, lose basically all freedoms and pretty much die. Those who are left will be enslaved even more than they are now.

Who will help lead the entire planet into Holocaust 2020? We shall see, but know that it will be those who have been creating fear and evil since the beginning and our leaders have never outed them which means they are part of it and those who aren’t ignore it.

Four months ago

The POTUS told us in March that he was using hydroxychloroquine and because it was trump who said it, and he is against the evil and crimes against humanity taking lace by the cabal, we were told that is hinders rather than helps. I want you to realize that there are quite a few of us out there that think outside of the box rather than let the box with media lies tell us how to think. If Trumps is aware of the evil coming from the deepest state and he is trying to take them down, why do you oppose everything that he says?

I know how ridiculous it must have sounded to those of you who are still asleep to hear the POTUS suggest that we use bleach to cure the virus. Now, if you finally believe that there are things that he is uncovering, things that we as you say conspiracy theorists have been telling you for years, how can you not notice that he said that for a reason and to me, only because I know what is going on, I was hysterical. It was like a dig. They use poison in our vaccines. I immediately thought he was giving another dig to them like you put it in their vaccines, why not inject it in their bodies. The dems, deep state and deepest state (the cabals) can’t stand him for this reason. He is a very rich man who hung out in the “winners circle” and knows a lot about what is going on behind the scene. He is outing them and you can see that if you listen rather than judge. When you look for the wrong answer, it is easy to miss the right one.

Notice here at the end when Trump says, “There’s a lot of interesting things going on at that laboratory” then tell me you don’t get it.

Below, he point blank tells you what other doctors have been saying. You now, the doctors who have been censored and threatened to lose their license’ and thrown in jail. This happened about a century ago when the FDA threatened doctors for finding a preventative and cure for cancer. That is another story for another time. Prez Trump mentions that the drug has been used for 40 years; however, it has been used for 65 years.

Below you will hear then say in the video that there are heart side effects. This was true in the 50s and 60s. The drug has been used for 65 years and is FDA approved. When they first started using hydroxychloroquine back in the day the doctors were not dosing correctly as the drug was new and apparently they did not know better until they had more experience. It was the overdosing that caused side effects to the heart and that has not been an issue since they figured it out. The drug is used for lupus, malaria, and rheumatoid arthritis. Do the research if you don’t believe me.

The other side effect has to do with the retina so what they say is to increase your eye exam routines if you use the drug for an extended amount of time. After 5 years of use, see your eye doctor more and then after 10 years, more so. Funny they didn’t think people were going to figure this out. I guess we are all stupid and since they teach us not to use our minds and only quantitative research and objective research holds true, if we listen to anything else, it is not true. Only listen to the experts, only peer-reviewed articles and yada, yada. I have a bridge to sell you that leads to heaven or maybe you are interested in oceanfront property smack in the middle of death valley.

In this last video, someone poses the question, “Why would we ever think that a Fox 5 news star or any President should be promoting a drug? It’s outlandish.” Well, I have a question for you you brainwashed lying sack of crapola, why would we ever think that an ex CEO of Microsoft should be promoting vaccines? It’s outlandish!