What’s In the News

There are videos below showing the news; but first, a word from me regarding blind faith.

Problem, (Distraction) Reaction, (Distraction), Solution

There are so many issues in the world at this time and it was all designed by the leaders that be. It is called spiritual warfare. That is EXACTLY what it is called; however, different groups will call it by different names according to their group’s ideologies. African Americans call it racism. Race against race, skin color and the white privileged. Whit supremacists call it a takeover by minorities and these Niggers have to go. They are over-populating our land. Too bad it is the land of the Native Americans if anyone’s land at all. This land is called Earth and it belongs to no one. Land should not be sold, you have no right to sell land, as it is NOT owned by anyone, it is Gaia’s. We live on consciousness and the land is for all equally. This is spiritual warfare, BOTTOM LINE! Earth is dying as you fools fight to lead and own that which is not yours.

There is no such thing as black or white skin. Those are both shades. It was designed to divide and conquer and this has been taking place for thousands of years as a result of a spiritual battle that has been going on for maybe 500,000 years. The people you call “black” have suffered significantly between torture, slavery and murder. The Jews suffered significantly. White people, those who many say have not been slaves because they are privileged, not true at all. Plenty of what you call white people have been indentured slaves. What is worse than that, sources, many years ago (who know of the spiritual warfare) divided people, rewrote Bibles and lied to people so that they can win this battle. They chose what you call white people to treat others like crap, use them as slaves and steal their lands in order to dive the people. You see, unity will deter their goal which is to win the spiritual battle.

They do not give a crap about “white lives!” They use “white” people who are impressionable (for many years), just as “white” supremacists use impressionable kids to do their dirty work. These people are rich, evil, and have now to deal with the many who have come here to end their rule. They are quite aware of this and why we are living in mayhem. The sudden virus, the murder that was somehow possible even though the so-called cop knew someone had him on video. Is that normal? Peaceful protests turned into looting and riots that did not start with the peaceful protestors. WAKE UP! All shades of people are being treated like cattle right now. The what you call white and black and every shade in between are cattle to them.

Your 14 words mean nothing to them. You are players in their game and they plan to win but those who came down to stop it…certainly will. The world has changed significantly since WWII, and now as history is beginning to repeat itself in their eyes and your eyes, know that it will not! They can no longer rule Earth. Their time is up!!!

Posted June 19, 2020

Posted June 18, 2020

Disbanding the police? De-funding the police? Do you really think this is a good idea? Sure, there are a lot f bad apples out there. That is the fault of the justice system. Same with judges and other leaders. It should be mandated that all leaders obtain degrees in psychology, some type of spiritual coaching, and have to see psychologists for a mandated amount of time before they are allowed to take the lives of others in their hands. They are human, just like the rest of the planet and should NEVER, and I mean NEVER be allowed to make a choice about the lives of others without the above education and testing. Then they should be on a probationary period for 6 months to one year. This is necessary. This MUST become a reality!
Also, no cop should ever be allowed to touch another human or use force just because he feels like it. It should be written into law that all citizens use their phones in order to take videos of their time with an officer. Further, all officers should be partnered with one male and one female along with partnering with different cultural groups.
I have never watched the news because I refuse to watch mainstream media like most of the brainwashed masses. I do look for updates only on YouTube and I have to say, I like this guy. He see through the BS thus far and states it using smart sarcasm.

I found a new (for me) news platform while watching a video on Tik Tok. Here is the link and a video posted below. https://meidastouch.com/exclusive-new-video-meidastouch-presents-quid-pro-trump/

What the eff is going on? Real news, fake news? This is why I never watch the news. I go only o YouTube when I want truth. What is the difference? I have to use discernment on YouTube or censored news on mainstream media.
Never in my life have I seen so many people ripping the president to shreds.
Things are NOT looking good! When it was the choice between Trump and Biden before the virus, I’d say that Trump had a chance. Now, after 100,000 lives and authoritarianism t the forefront resulting from what were supposed to be peaceful protests, I see people voting for Biden just to get Trump out of office. Funny, 4 years ago it was similar. Vote for Trump so Killary loses. It is a damn shame. The lesser of two evils. Heck, with all of this going on, so many people no longer trust in the ideology of leadership when citizens are being hurt and treated like the enemy. This is a horrible time for humanity and it is a shame that children all over the country have to see this! They are talking about it in other countries and they pity us and laugh at the leaders.
Sad, Biden does not have to show his face, he doesn’t have to speak a word. Right now, he is leading. Choice, totalitarian, or who knows? All we can do is wait and see. Is our leader going to stand up for the citizens of this country? What of the constitution? Do we not lead by example. You don’t wear a mask, many people do not and we do not have to and it should never become mandated and if it does, of course, Trump will wear one. Do we not lead by example? The amendments? You break them and then people follow. See how this works. No one is above the law. No ONE.
What do you think? Men playing with weather and disasters or is the negativity of the planet bringing natural disasters? You want to fight and bring danger to others? Eventually, you get it back. Do not doubt this for a minute. Mark my words, humanity has had many chances to populate and treat each other at least with respect. To raise the vibration of the planet and to live in harmony with it. You cannot seem to manage that. You are OUT of chances. Time to wake up and NOW. Now you have to understand that the only people that may survive this are those who live from the heart space, who lift others and who do not want to destroy others and the planet you call home.
Here are the two websites that Tuckers mentioned. Decide for yourselves. https://thefederalist.com/ https://www.zerohedge.com/ Here is a little bit of information about Googlehttps://www.investopedia.com/articles/markets/011516/top-5-google-shareholders-goog.asp https://www.kamilfranek.com/who-owns-google-alphabet/