Which country repealed it's Anti-Propaganda Act as recently as 2013? |  Toluna

Hyper-reality that you see all around you at all times is in my opinion, simply propaganda in hyper mode to push a narrative created by the shadow state. The politicians are tools for humans to believe they have a choice in political ideology. The ideologies are created by the shadow state and split in two different viewpoints and a middle party. Two sides of the same coin disguised as choice. The media dressed up as journalists rather than the actors they are, push each politicians ideology into the public eye.

Think about how much propaganda is out there at all times. Think about how hyper-reality keeps you caught up in reality that was not created by you. If there ever was a plan to keep you distracted from you, the divine spiritual being that you are, it is hyper-reality.

So let us put it all together. We live on a huge planet and regardless of how you interpret the Bible that was once stolen from the masses and edited, we have been here for millions of years. Look at the six days of creation as ages rather than days. The Bible talks of aliens, different species that slept with the women of man which changed their DNA. What do you all think happened with these other species? Do you think they went back home to another planet? It is my opinion that they are still here and they have controlled this planet for millennia. These are the beings I call the shadow state. This is not a derogatory term, I mean it can be depending on whether or not the species in benevolent or malevolent.

Shadow state simply means that there are hidden beings in the shadows and since they rule the planet and no one knows about them, but they rule over government, they are the shadow state. I will have to assume that all governments have a deep state. They are simply the people between the shadow state (different species) and the government. They are the organizations known or unknown needed in order to rule an entire planet. They are the mouthpieces, eyes and ears of the shadow state and they are called deep state because they are deeper, seen less than say the politicians. They are between the rule of the shadow and the politicians making them deeper than say the president and more visible than the shadow state.

Since Ronald Reagan and before him, drain the swamp has been used in a political fashion. This term always fit well with my opinion of a different species ruling the planet. They are not forth-coming at all. There is absolutely no transparency. Why are you hiding in the shadows? As I could have had any choice of species to choose from that I believe are running the planet, I choose reptilians. They would have to fit in and breed with humans in order to work in government positions. This hybrid of reptilian and human would be reptiloids and make up the swamp in governments. When you hear me talk about swamp creatures, this is why. What lives in the swamp?

Do you think the series Alien Nation was simply a coincidence? I think not. At some point, ETs will openly live among humans and maybe the reptilians will come out of the mountains, caves or ground beneath us. Will the hyper-reality / propaganda continue once we all meet? Well, hyper-reality keeps humans focused on everything there is so they do not focus on themselves or what is really going on around them. The only way hyper-reality will lessen is when the shadow state is found out and called out.

Hyper reality is the distortion of reality and consciousness does not know the difference between reality and simulation. Consciousness on the grand scale (our inner-beings) knows the difference but our subconscious minds live in patterns like A=A=A and 1+1=2. When you are unconscious your subconscious will do what it knows to keep us alive. It is like a repetitive brain and it does not decipher between reality and simulation. It is all real to the subconscious brain. This is a reptilian brain where it is necessary to have it for survival as it works through memory. This part of the brain can be easily conditioned / brainwashed and a belief system created by hyper-reality / propaganda.

This writing is a work in progress that I may continue as the masses awaken in the coming years. See ya in about ten to fifteen years say about 2017 to 2021!