Selling your Soul to Hyper Reality?

Before we jump in and discuss hyper-reality, it is essential that we first discuss reality in general. Reality is a difficult topic to discuss because we all have different thoughts about what reality really is. Some take it day by day and they do not wonder about reality; rather, they go to school when they are young and when they reach a certain age, they go to work and their daily routines consist of waking up, brushing their teeth and going to the bathroom. They may make a pot of coffee of tea and then get ready for work.

After spending half and hour to maybe 90 minutes getting ready for work, it is time to travel to work. This may be as little as five minutes and up to two hours in travel time. Then you arrive to work and spend six to ten hours there. Then it is time to travel back home. This is a very long day of doing nothing personal for yourselves. You spend anywhere from a minimum of six hours and forty minutes per day (6 hour work shift, 10 minutes of travel and 30 minutes to get ready) to fifteen and one half hours per day (10 hour work day, 90 minutes to get ready and 4 hours of travel) for a job you probably do not enjoy to earn a minimal amount of money.

When you arrive at your home it is probably time for supper. Do you have children? Did they have to be picked up from school? Do you have to pay for childcare or are the videos games the childcare service? Now it is time to round them up and eat. Let me guess, you do not have a lot of time to spend enjoying family time at the table because the kids wither have to do their homework, shower and go to sleep or you have work that you brought home from the office. Maybe you are just beat and want to sit-down and watch the censored news.

How much time in a busy day do you spend with your children? How much time do you spend with yourself? Do you know who you are? Maybe if you had time to think about it, you would know. It is not healthy to go through life focusing on everything but you. This makes one a robot, a slave to the system. This is what happens when you are indoctrinated at birth into the matrix that we live in. This is the reality you know. This is the reality that makes you feel safe and any deviance from this reality is questionable to you.

What should be questionable to you is why you do not create your own reality. Not only do some of us have the time to question why everyone is a puppet/slave in the matrix, but sometimes growing up we have questioned if we actually exist. This is quite alright though; at least we are taking the time to question something that involves ourselves.

Rene Descartes said “Cogito ergo sum.” translated to English means, I think; therefore, I am. Obviously he questioned reality and many of us do. Also, he could not have come up with a better answer. Thought is all we have, as we are consciousness. Everything we do begins with a thought and you have many of them during your long, exhausting day when you are busting chops at work for someone else to get rich. You may have thoughts such as “I wonder how much money the owner generates from this business. He only pays us $12 per hour and he only gives us a thirty-minute lunch break. We pay too much money for health insurance. By the time we pay bills and insurance, we are lucky we can eat.”