A being comes in many forms, not just human. The word animal, in biological terms, means categorizing all animals belonging to the Kingdom Animalia. This includes creatures ranging from humans to insects. Will it make it easier to use the terms human beings, canine beings and so forth. What will it take for you to look into the eyes of a being other than human and not kill it for the purpose of consumption?

The very reason why there are animal-rights activists is the very same reason you and I would appreciate human-rights activists if others began to kill us for the purpose of consumption. We are all beings.

People who abuse and torture their dogs are uncaring and must regard the two-legged beings (humans) as a higher intellectual status than our four-legged friends. The fact of the matter is that a being from elsewhere who is more advanced intellectually than humans can come down at any time and feel that we should be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Do you want to be tortured, skinned and eaten and then worn in cold weather to keep others warm?