Divided into too Many Categories: We are Human!

At birth we are given at least two names, our first and last names. I am sure that more people than less have at least one middle name. So we are identified by our names and without a doubt when we are born, the hospital defines each of us by race or color and blood type. We are also identified as immunized. Then we are identified by social security number, address, school grade and social class. We are also defined as smart or lagging behind in school so we are identified as a grade of A through F as well as a grade level. We are also defined as law-abiding or criminal. If you are a criminal, which type of criminal? Did you commit a misdemeanor crime or a felony? If you are a felon, which type of felon are you?

Are you a class C driver or other? Are you a citizen of your country or an alien? Are you a high school graduate or a high school dropout? Are you a college student? Which degree are you earning? Are you earning an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree? Are you attending state or Ivy League? There is a difference you know? A bunch of BS!

Do you have a political affiliation? Where were your ancestors born? That determines whether you are European American, African American or Asian American. Are you caucasoid, negroid or mongoloid? By the way, on spellcheck, it recommends I capitalize caucasian and not negroid or mongoloid. Below, you will see that there are divisions in the European race as well.

The Six European Races Found in Germany

The Nose

For those of you claiming to be descendants of the Neanderthal, this is a very telling picture and a story can be created from the picture alone. I see African and Asian. From this picture, all variations are possible as a result of migration.

Image retrieved from where you can also read an explanation of nose genes as a result of variation resulting from migration.

Fun Facts about Europe

Facts about Africa

Facts about Asia

Race is a social construct. Skin color is a result of region. Were we created or did we evolve? How about both. This is an age-old argument and maybe you should realize that we could have been homo-sapien sapiens and then genetically modified by extraterrestrials. Too far-fetched? Well, if you are a Bible goer, the Bible mentions that our DNA was modified. If you are spiritual, many of you know about star seeds. I am not sure how this concept can be far-fetched to many. it answers both questions.

Do you ever get the sense that by design, division was created to keep humanity in constant war and fear? If we are at war and in fear all of the time, it keeps our minds occupied and less aware of other things going on around us.