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Our Story

Welcome back! I am rebuilding the community after it was down from March 2018 until May 2019. I am searching for some of the old content. Thank you for your patience. Hopefully the information will be added by March of 2021.

Sewing Social Worlds was created in 2007 for a multitude of reasons. After getting a taste of the online community in 1999, I was ready to create, deliberate and meet people. A few years later I found GoDaddy. I chose Go Daddy to buy domains and create communities away from the brick and mortar world. Sewing Social Worlds was my first domain and I added Virtual Webunities, Net Culture News, A Womanz Domain, ShenanErrands, Creators of Our Lives, Ms Philosopher's Place for Healing, Content Sorceress, myname.com, I=E^A, and three others as well as a few blogs.

When I learned about Facebook groups and pages, I opened groups and pages as blogs for these sites in order to extend the sites and make communities. I even had a few forums. I wanted to find like-minded people to have discussions with, heal people through word and conduct research.

All of my sites are focused on social justice. The name Sewing Social Worlds came to me when I was writing academic papers about racism and culture. As we reap what we sow, and as cultures are sewn and the very fabric comes from the expression of life people put forth and hold on to, we sew social worlds.

Our Approach

The Goal

Sewing Social Worlds invites all people who want to live in a better world to make this community a part of your weekly visits. There will be a focus on equality, issues that lead to social distress and dis-ease. The indoctrination into the matrix is a major reason for social distress and will be the main topic here.

As of January, blogs, groups and forums will be available again.

This site, being my first, is only part of the whole community. It is recommended that you visit all parts of the community if you like a breadth of topics. You will find the links on the side-bar under the title, "The Community." As a few are being revamped, they will be added at a later time.

Taking Action as a Team

Changing the world is a joint effort and the goal is to heal. Healing is liberating and well needed. We will prosper and live each day with love, respect, and in our authenticity.


Simone AKA The/Ms Philosopher/@LiftingTheVeil/@SewnSocialWrlds



The Healing begins with one & extends to >


The People

Next Steps...

Take a look around this site as I rebuild it and click on the links provided to become a member of the community. Welcome to all new friends and  thanks to those of you who have been with me since 2007.