Sewing Social Worlds: The Administration of Social & Individual Justice


Welcome to Sewing Social Worlds where the administration of justice is personal, unlike in the brick and mortar world. Justice is a feeling of relief from some sort of an issue and will continue to be an on going pain until the individual finds justice in his own way. This may be by talking on a personal level, in a group or sometimes just reading about someone else's experiences. Let's go there!

This website was created in 2007 for a multitude of reasons and to focus on just one would lessen the meaning behind the goals and that would be a form of INJUSTICE. You will read and possibly participate in extreme controversial issues in the forums and may read controversial statement on blogs, however; controversy is what builds on debate leading to revolution. Let us make room for deliberation and social issues increasing the opportunity for revolution and evolution!

What is Sewing Social Worlds?

Sewing Social Worlds is a place for learning, teaching, identifying and making a better life for individuals by healing society via group consciousness. 

Sewing Social Worlds is a large community of websites, blogs, forums and a personal online learning center for which courses are not only afforded to people, but they are extremely affordable. 

Sewing Social Worlds is a place for healing. You will learn your way around this community and find healing areas that will help you to understand yourself as well as society at large. 


Logging in

I have changed the registration process once again. To login to this site you will have to register by creating a username as well as a password. In order to eliminate or reduce the amount of SPAM to this community, you will no longer be required to send an email to me introducing yourselves. Instead, once you register, I will have to activate your account. You will be notified by email by me when your registration is complete. I do not tolerate SPAM! You will be removed if you are a SPAMMER!   

Creating an article

Once you are logged-in, a new menu will be visible. To create a new article, click on the "Submit Article" link on that menu.

The new article interface gives you a lot of options, but all you need to do is add a title and put something in the content area. To make it easy to find, set the state to published.

You can edit an existing article by clicking on the edit icon (this only displays to users who have the right to edit).

Sites, Blogs, Forums, Online Learning Institute and Social Platform 

This is a website, as I am sure most of you are aware. On the websites you will mostly read a lot of information and your participation is by creating articles or reading the information put forth. Blogs are for posting comments and people may comment on your posts. Forums are for specific topics where deliberation takes place and in some forums here, healing takes place. The learning institute is of course for learning and communicating with others as you would in an online course-room setting. Also available in this community is a social platform like Facebook, or Twitter. Please try to become a member in all of the areas that you can realistically handle. If you are in doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! I encourage a peaceful existence where we do not indulge in drama and stress. Pleas note that drama and stress do not equate to deliberation. Deliberation is important not only in the intellectual community but in many other areas in life. 

Thank you and welcome to you ALL. Let's keep it Healing, Intellectual and wonderful!