Segregation was NO Accident

The division of race leads to discrimination and social class. The division of social class leads to low self-esteem and war. Low self-esteem and war lead to low vibrations. Low vibrations lead to less creativity.

Social Class

You are more in charge of your life than you think. It is time to end the madness. Do not let others create your reality any longer. Take back your power.

What Do You Know

I guess this is dependent on who is in control of your life. Is it ego or soul.?

The best answer ego can respond with is nothing, I know nothing. Think about it, what do you know? Is Earth flat or round? Can man reach the moon when rockets can't break through the Van Allen Belts?

How does a plane land on a spinning ball? How do we defy gravity on a daily basis? Oceans on a spinning ball? How can Earth flood if it is a round spinning ball? The sun is 93 million miles away? Can humans withstand temperatures of 200 above or below zero?




Next Steps...

Dismantling the Web

Culture has been sewn in a web of deceit, so we may forget magic from our heads to our feet. In the matrix, we are busy chasing money for things, rather than chasing our creations that make our hearts sing.
~Simone AKA The Philosopher / Ms. Philosopher

Become the yarn and participate in weaving the fabric of creativity and inclusion in our social worlds.