Sewing Social Worlds: The Advancement of Social and Individual Justice


The Advancement of Social Justice

Sewing Social Worlds was created for an abundance of reasons. To focus on just one of those reasons for the purpose of explanation would be a mistake because the concept would be taken out of context. The conglomeration of reasons to which I owe this creation is responsible for the name of this site as well as for the motivation I mustered up to build this site and life-long project.

A vast number of topics are discussed here because I want to build a community of knowledge, networks, associates, joint ventures and virtual course rooms. Some of the topics are quite controversial in nature and I give no apologies for this. Instead I offer forums to discuss the controversy. We want to resolve issues rather than insult people and ideologies because we certainly want these issues out of the closet.

You will find all of my topics on the left sidebar by clicking on Schools of Thought. The topics range from anthropology to business and epistemology to psychology. Other topics include philosophy, racism / discrimination, nationalism and culture. On this site, knowledge can be gained through content such as posted articles, the purchase of eBooks, and essays. I may also buy eBooks and essays and I strongly suggest that members post articles because a network's content brings a world of ideologies and knowledge.

The reason why I have given you the opportunity to view and participate on this site before its completion is because I realize this is a lifetime project. This organization offers, sells and buys knowledge as we are in the knowledge business. If you would like a more comprehensive definition of who we are and what we advocate please read our mission and purpose statements below. Thank you and welcome to Sewing Social Worlds.


Standing up for justice means actually saying something to defend it.  Please read this page in its entirety. I may be assassinated, however, I am a true believer in justice and balancing the scales. Those who cheat us and deceive us who act as the representatives of justice are not true justice advocates, rather; they are playing devil's advocate! Click here and read this page in its entirety. It includes my eBook about a confidential informant ( my struggle with one) and a PowerPoint presentation.

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Mission and Purpose



Our mission is to ensure that people of all races and cultures are seen first as people, second as intelligent within their culture, and third; no less or more superior than others due to race, religion, culture, ethnicity, or number on the Binet-Simon scale of intelligence. Further; we're concerned with the definition and ideology of human rights. When a human rights advocate includes only minorities when lobbying for human rights, the majority population becomes the minority. It is our mission to balance the scale to ensure that equality is measured by the entire population rather than just a target population.


The purpose of this website is to increase the popularity of our common interests. We struggle on a daily basis living by and with people of different ethnic backgrounds. This is not a simple feat, in fact; many of us were not given the tools to understand these people who are alien to us. Another purpose for this community is to discuss many of our real issues so that we can plan for our future and the future of our children.

We may never agree on our differences, however; we should try to understand them while embracing our similarities.    

Registration Process

I do apologize, as the email that was available for registration was incorrect. The issue has been resolved so please register and I will approve you through the email. Registration is not immediate, as I have to approve members. This is an intellectual community and it is my hope that only interested parties will cooperate, have respect for and contribute knowledge to this community. Thank you in advamce, Simone M Brady AKA Ms Philosopher.

In order for you to register to this site you must:

Copy this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

1. Click on create an account

2. If you want to create articles, you have to have an author's status

3. If you want to become an author, please drop an email to me & state your name and explain how I know you. 

4. If we do not know each other, please state in the email whether you are a student, teacher and so forth.

5. Authorship to this site is strictly by invitation or approval only because SPAMMING will not be tolerated.

6. All guests and members are able to view the site, however; only author members can post articles.

7. If you click on some of the links on the sidebar and you cannot access the page it is because your status must

   be "special" to read it. Drop an email and I will consider changing your status.

Thank you for your patience through this process.

The Intellectual Network

Over time, there will be an abundance of information in this community to share the world over. I am hoping that this community will become not one of, but, the world's largest intellectual network. My goal then, is to invite as many scholars, mentors, coaches, counselors, muses, philosophers and lifetime learners to our community.

I cannot be the only leader, however; you must also invite people to our community in order for it to nourish and grow. I may be the owner of the 20 or more websites connected to Sewing Social Worlds, but; I am not claiming to be the only leader. We must all be leaders. There will be no hierarchic positions here. We are here to find truth/knowledge and share that knowledge to make us all better people by raising awareness in our fellow man. Please invite as many people as you can to this community. Thank you in advance for your hard work.

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Catch Me in the Virtual

I am a virtual hopper and you will find I am a member of several social networks; approximately 100 and growing. The internet is a large global community and in order to be known, we have to make a presence. People cannot follow you if they do not know who you are, therefore; it is extremely important to put your presence and voice out there and meet as many people as you can, just as you would do in the outside world. This theory, of course; applies only to those of you who are in business in the virtual as well as brick and mortar worlds, as well as to those of you who simply want to make a presence in order to advocate or for an abundance of other reasons. These reasons are personal, commercial and for some people, a combination of both.

There are many reasons why people mingle about the web and each reason serves an equally sufficient purpose. Some people virtual shop, others enjoy playing games for fun or games for monetary gain (and unfortunately loss). I want to get my point across to as many people as possible. No one can get your point across as you can. Once people hear and / or see you, they can help to get your point across as well...and so on and so on. I also enjoy meeting new people because I have a strange habit (LOL) of analyzing people and because meeting new people helps me to generate questions and develop theories about people, situations culture and identity.

I like to share my websites and literature. I have a point to make. The internet is the fastest and largest growing communities on the planet...why not go straight to the top by making a presence online? No one is stopping you, so; what are you waiting for? Speak up and speak out! Advertise YOU...become of global importance and spread positive messages.Further, I am a student and a writer and I know that the written and spoken words proliferate today more quickly than any other time in history due to this large global community that we call the World Wide Web.

The number of people who visit the Web grows everyday. According to Internet World Stats (2001-2012)44.8%of internet users across the globe are Asian; 22.1% are European; 12.0% are North American; 10.4% are Latin American/Caribbean; 6.2% are African; 3.4% are Middle Eastern and 1.1% are Oceanic/Australian.The world population was 6,930,055,154 in 2011 with 360,985,492 internet users in 2000 and 2,267,233,742; world wide internet usage has grown 528.1 % That is substantial and has led to a global community. When we read the Bible and old books and watch documentaries which mention technology and one collective mind, they must be talking about the World Wide Web. While this may seem like a step in the right direction, I believe it is the opposite of what the Lord wanted, after all; our ancestors were spread across the globe and their languages confounded. That is a topic for another article.

An ideology is not an ideology until it is shared. It is simply an opinion, an idea of some sort. Share your ideas and make a difference...hopefully a positive difference. You will see a list of all of my websites on the left side bar, as I am trying to make a difference; a positive difference. As this site is under construction, all of the others are as well, but are available because as I stated, I want everyone to become a part of the ideas and work put into these 20 or more sites. I have built a foundation, however; I leave it up to all of us to nurture the growth. I look forward to meeting and working with all people who have common interests and a drive to make change in a world that desperately needs change. Therefore, you are invited to become mentors, muses, students, teachers, which makes you shareholders who contribute to Sewing Social Worlds whether it be time, content or monetary.


Internet World Stats (2012). Usage and Population Statistics. Retrieved on April 28, 2011 from  

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