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Welcome to Sewing Social Worlds where the administration of justice is personal, unlike in the brick and mortar world. Justice is a feeling of relief from some sort of an issue and will continue to be an on going pain until the individual finds justice in his own way. This may be by talking on a personal level, in a group or sometimes just reading about someone else's experiences. Let's go there!

This website was created in 2007 for a multitude of reasons and to focus on just one would lessen the meaning behind the goals and that would be a form of INJUSTICE. You will read and possibly participate in extreme controversial issues in the forums and may read controversial statement on blogs, however; controversy is what builds on debate leading to revolution. Let us make room for deliberation and social issues increasing the opportunity for revolution and evolution!

What is Sewing Social Worlds?

Sewing Social Worlds is a place for learning, teaching, identifying and making a better life for individuals by healing society via group consciousness. 

Sewing Social Worlds is a large community of websites, blogs, forums and a personal online learning center for which courses are not only afforded to people, but they are extremely affordable. 

Sewing Social Worlds is a place for healing. You will learn your way around this community and find healing areas that will help you to understand yourself as well as society at large. 


Sites, Blogs, Forums, Online Learning Institute and Social Platform 

This is a website, as I am sure most of you are aware. On the websites you will mostly read a lot of information and your participation is by creating articles or reading the information put forth. Blogs are for posting comments and people may comment on your posts. Forums are for specific topics where deliberation takes place and in some forums here, healing takes place. The learning institute is of course for learning and communicating with others as you would in an online course-room setting. Also available in this community is a social platform like Facebook, or Twitter. Please try to become a member in all of the areas that you can realistically handle. If you are in doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! I encourage a peaceful existence where we do not indulge in drama and stress. Pleas note that drama and stress do not equate to deliberation. Deliberation is important not only in the intellectual community but in many other areas in life. 

Thank you and welcome to you ALL. Let's keep it Healing, Intellectual and wonderful!


Sewing Social World's Focus

We are all aware, or at least many of us are aware that many global, or FLAT EARTH issues exist. What shall we call it? Flat/globe earth is a controversial topic and all you have to do is pull up Youtube to see and hear the controversy. It is truly a shame that this is a topic for discussion. I will not discuss this topic at the moment but as I watch the controversy; I do have to mention that it is the globe Earth believers that should prove the world a globe and not the flat Earh believers proving the world is flat. If the Earth was believed to be flat for so many years, and suddenly someone states the world is a ball in a time when air flighht was not yet invented or the telescope, then maybe we should start questioning which side needs to prove their theory.

I mentioned the controversy due to an abundance of reasons. Flat and globe Earth was just an example of the things I watch on Youtube. While my interests, experiences and experiences of others bring more topics for social and individual justice than I can handle in one lifetime, the utter madness that I watch on Youtube brings more issues to the table. My goal is to work through them together and maybe we can do this by opening dialogue and forming groups in order to tackle the issues and live in a beter world. Please watch the video below so that you can understand all of the madness I see going on around and through us. In case the video below ever fails, here is the web address

We have heard predictions regarding end times for quite some time. So far, predictions have been false. Have we questioned why end times? No, most of us just go through life accepting what others sy as truth. Now; as far as reading about end times in the Bible, do you think the promise of end times is a punishment or a warning? Look at it from an historical standpoint, meaning history repeats itself. Does the story of the flood in the Bible not teach us anything? Did HIS covenant mean nothing? Do not take the rainbow lightly and I mean this deeply. I choose to keep my philosophical views for other parts of the community and for the books I write but for this discussion I want to leave you with these few thoughts.

It was said that the earth was flooded because, well, it appears that humanity was a disappointment. Regardless, HE created a covenant and each time we see a rainbow, we must remember the covenant. I will not write in detail about this at this time but I want you to remember; if you have read the Bible and believe in it that, HE opened the flood gates and the Earth flooded. Question ~ Does a ball flood? What is a flood gate? Is it something from above? A gate from above? Now think of the rainbow. It seems to be in the shape of a dome above us. HE said HE will never flood Earth again. We can believe this when we see the rainbow and each time we look at the blue sky. The blue sky that is not a reflection of the waters on Earth; instead, of what is truly above. On this page, I leave you with those few thoughts, and please follow through and question what you think you know for what reality may be. ~ Thank you

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